Difference of tyre / rim / wheel




Tyre Wheel Rim

Difference of tyre / rim / wheel

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    We are currently using hans wheels, and are very happy with their product and are not thinking about changing in the near future. Thanks

    H. Eggink

    The tyres you supplied me, have been working every day on harsh terrain and are wearing extremely well.
    We are very happy with them. Thank you.


    I was worried for our first order with hans wheels.
    However, it turns out that it is much better than we expected. And it feels like I was there, watching my order.
    That's quite a different experience!!

    Scott Farrington

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    The Devil is in the details


    We Care

    Tyre quality

    From manufacturing
    To transporting

    This custom-made forklift, will keep tyres unharmed from common forks with sharp edge, while transporting to warehouse or loading to your container.

    Better service

    From your query
    To after-sale service

    Every detail to save your time & money, and to avoid the potential loss, is the detail we care.

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