10 Regular Tyre Markings

Tyres are very common used stuff in our daily life. They could be used to Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Tractors, Forklift, Bikes, Mining Equipment etc. And there are a lot Numbers and Letters on tire sidewall, what are their meaning?

Here are 10 regular tyre markings & their explanation, might be helpful.

  1. PR (Ply / Ply Rating)

PR = Ply Rating

Identifies different versions (load capacity, inflation pressure) of tyres having the same size designation.

Symbols used to identify different versions (load capacity, inflation pressure) of earthmoving equipment tyres in Radial Construction.

  1. TL (Tubeless)

TL means TubeLess.

Tyres specifically designed for fitment without an inner tube on appropriate rims.

Where no TUBELESS appears on the tyre sidewalls, tyres are intended for fitment with an appropriate inner tube.

  1. TT (Tube Tyre)

TT is against TL, it means Tube Tyre. An inner tube is required for tube tyres.

Note: Tube tyres can not be used to tubeless rims!

  1. IMP (Implement)

IMP, also known as IMPLEMENT.

Tyres designed primarily for agricultural machines or implements or for agricultural trailers. However, they may also equip either front steering wheels or drive wheels of agricultural and forestry tractors.

They are not suitable for sustained high torque service.

  1. IND

Agricultural tyres for traction wheels for construction applications with load capacities and inflation pressures which differ from those for tyres with the same size designation for use on agricultural tractors.

  1. LS

LS tyres designed for logging and forestry service. After LS, suffixes -1, -2, -3 or -4 depending on tread type.

  1. SOLID

Rubber solid tyres for pneumatic tyre rims.

  1. NHS (Not for Highway Service)

NHS = Not for Highway Service

Tyres designed for off-the-road applications. They must NOT be used on the public highway.

  1. MS (M+S / M-S / M&S)

Tyres specifically designed for Mud and Snow (Winter).

M+S, M&S, M.S and M-S are also permitted.


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